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    A complete set of 7 rasps + 1 free combinaison float: Cabinet maker rasp 12" grain#6, Cabinet maker rasp 10"grain#9, Cabinet maker rasp 8" grain#11, Modeller rasp 8" grain#12 Modeller rasp 6" grain#14, Rat tail rasp 8" grain#12 Square rasp 8" grain#12, Included for free: 1 combinaison float

    537,93 €
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    A tapered, wide rasp with convex and flat sides. Ideal for cabinet work, useful in preparing flat surfaces and working hollow shapes with a large radius.

    67,90 €
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    Selection of 3 complementary hand-stiched rasps to start This set is composed of: - cabinet maker rasp 10"grain#9, - modeller rasp 7"grain#13 - rat tail rasp8" grain#12 -oil protection free. If you choice this set, you save 5% on price.

    211,12 €
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    Tom Fidgen, of theunpluggedwoodshop design the half round lateral rasp to be used like a spokeshave and have dimensioned them accordingly. With a working area approximately 4” long and 1” wide, these rasps have both a flat and a half round surface.

    62,07 €
  • At the request of an American boot maker, I made this specific rasp.Its particular shape allows this hand-stitched rasp to be a very suitable tool for the work of bootmakers.There are teeth on one side which allows to work on the sole without damaging the leather of the shoe. In the same way the chamfer allows to work in depth.

    57,91 €
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