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  • Rasps and Rifflers

    The Traditional range is the standard choice, used at all times.

    The Saphir range is the "ultimate"! More efficient in all, this Saphir range is particularly recommended for hard materials (hard wood type old oak, hard plastic type Altuglas, Ertalon, etc.).

  • selection of rasp by use
  • New tools

    At the request of a professional sculptor, I made 2 rifloirs to measure.

    As he had suggested, I add these tools to my traditional range.

  • Floats

    demonstration video

    Floats, popular among patternmakers and cabinetmakers of the past, have regained popularity among modern hand tool users. Ideal for smoothing wood surfaces, such as the cheeks of tenons or the sides of mortises; or anywhere that a flat smooth surface is desired.rnVery easy to get a flat surface, both with the grain and against it. Very little chipping at the edges of the work piece.rnAll my floats are heat-treated giving them a surface hardness of 60 HRC, and now I manually sharpen each tooth twice,  before and after tempering.

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  • The railways (or planes) are planes used to plan soft stones to farm by scraping. They have a handle and a wooden body on which toothed or toothless steel blades are embedded.Developed in the nineteenth century to replace the cutter, it has improved speed. Length: 250mm / 10 inches

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