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    On this rasp, only the half-round face is stitched. It is used after the gouge  to shape the hollow parts.It is very useful for shaping chairs or rocking chairs.

    75,31 €
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    It has the same application as the half-round, but is for carrying out finer and more precise work. Very popular among modellers, moulders, violin makers.

    75,18 €
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    A tapered, wide rasp with convex and flat sides. Ideal for cabinet work, useful in preparing flat surfaces and working hollow shapes with a large radius.

    73,33 €
  • Of rectangular profile, with 3 useful sides, these rasps with the silk countercut, are very prized for the restoration works of furniture or for the finishing of the bas-reliefs

    41,91 €
  • At the request of the luthiers, we realize this rasp, the sting of which, unlike the conventional rasps, is oriented not in the direction of the length, but in the width, thus being used as a plane of carpenter. Used in particular to put round the back of the sleeves of musical instruments (cello, guitar, ...). Both ends are equipped with handles.

    88,35 €
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    In the USA, for woodworkers Nicholson # 49 and # 50 rasps are institutions.On many woodworking forums, I noticed that the performances of the Nicholson # 49 and # 50 rasps were often discussed.If you want a rasp having the shape and aggrssivity of old rasp  Nicholoson # 50 and # 49, it's here.

    215,73 €
  • Of rectangular section this model presents a fine stiching (n ° 11) on one face and another very fine (n ° 13) on the other face. The integrated handle of this grater favors the grip. Used for many finishing works in lutherie but also in furniture restoration cabinetmaking. Working length: 200mm Width: 25mm Thickness: 4mm Very fine stitching

    79,92 €
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    Developed in collaboration with the luthiers, this very handy grater makes it possible to work complex and / or inaccessible surfaces. Available in 3 different stitches, for roughing, approach and finishing.

    66,96 €
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    It is rectangular in shape and is useful for flat surfaces. Having three sides cutting it also serves to modify a light and to put two faces of square.

    75,08 €
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    This hand-stiched rasp makes it possible to modify or adjust a hole to realize or finish fretwork pieces.

    66,88 €
  • Due to its very small section and an ultra-fine stitching this raasp allows a perfect finish and gives access to difficult parts of approach with sandpaper. It is also used in the modeling and manufacture of miniature objects.

    76,49 €
  • Needle rasps are a must for precision work on musical instruments, model building and any kind of small work pieces. There are four different forms: Half round Flat Round Knife

    46,84 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 19 items