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If you get lost in the depths of our range designed for wood lovers, know that the most frequently used rasps to start are:the Cabinet Makers rasp, 10’’ grain # 9, or 8’’ grain # 11,t he Rat Tail rasp, 8’’ grain # 12.

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  • Specially designed and suitable for rifle butt fasteners.

    88,66 €
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    Selection of 3 complementary hand-stiched rasps to start This set is composed of: - cabinet maker rasp 10"grain#9, - modeller rasp 7"grain#13 - rat tail rasp8" grain#12 -oil protection free. If you choice this set, you save 5% on price.

    228,01 €
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    A tapered, wide rasp with convex and flat sides. Ideal for cabinet work, useful in preparing flat surfaces and working hollow shapes with a large radius.

    73,33 €
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    Rasp developed for saw grip makers. Available in 3 grains to go from roughing to finishing.

    69,10 €
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    Its special profile (two half-round faces but with different radii) is very appreciated for the finishing of the curves and in the world of the violin making.

    73,18 €
  • Its small section and its tapered shape allow to adjust the inside of the small notches. I propose these square graters in fine grain in order to adjust the joints and the cut-outs.

    72,39 €
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    On this rasp, only the half-round face is stitched. It is used after the gouge  to shape the hollow parts.It is very useful for shaping chairs or rocking chairs.

    75,31 €
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    It has the same application as the half-round, but is for carrying out finer and more precise work. Very popular among modellers, moulders, violin makers.

    75,18 €
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    Of rectangular profile, with 3 useful sides, these rasps with the silk countercut, are very prized for the restoration works of furniture or for the finishing of the bas-reliefs

    44,02 €
  • Specially shaped grater for professions that make boot or shoe shoemakers and hat shapers.

    81,31 €
  • At the request of the luthiers, we realize this rasp, the sting of which, unlike the conventional rasps, is oriented not in the direction of the length, but in the width, thus being used as a plane of carpenter. Used in particular to put round the back of the sleeves of musical instruments (cello, guitar, ...). Both ends are equipped with handles.

    88,35 €
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    By combining the qualities of a rasp and a planer, the "bastard" is equipped with a blade of 350mm, pricked with teeth n ° 3. It is the preliminary rasp par excellence, used to remove the largest amount of wood in the shortest possible time. Its name is a nod to the "bastard cut" appellation used for limes to the roughest size.

    95,66 €
Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items